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Author Lydia Sherrer

Signed HARDBACK - Through the Storm (with John Ringo) TransDimensional Hunter Book 2

Signed HARDBACK - Through the Storm (with John Ringo) TransDimensional Hunter Book 2

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"Augmented Reality" game TransDimensional Hunter seems too real for comfort as the world of the game merges with reality. Now, teenage game prodigy Lynn Raven will have to conquer the game or be destroyed by it.


Becoming a global celebrity overnight would make most people happy.

Not Lynn Raven.

As a teenage gaming prodigy, she’s enjoyed years of anonymity behind the virtual mask of Larry Coughlin, war-hardened vet and virtual gaming mercenary. But now Lynn has stepped out of the shadows to compete in the cutting-edge augmented reality game TransDimensional Hunter that has taken the world by storm.

And she’s winning.

But with success has come swarms of paparazzi drones, jealous teammates, and a backstabbing rival team that will use any trick in the book to ruin her.

Then there’s the game itself. At times, the “augmented” reality seems too real for Lynn’s comfort, and strange accidents keep happening. Something is going on; she just has to figure out what.

Lynn would much rather fight monsters than do paparazzi interviews, but somehow she’ll have to master both—and pass her senior year to boot. She managed to step into the real, but will the storm of reality now defeat her for good?

Grab Book 2 of the TransDimensional Hunter series now!


Praise for Into the Real:

“The disturbing realism is balanced by dangerous monsters, clever tactics, explosive action, and a compelling twist at the end . . . immersive, highly technical near-future sf; perfect for dedicated gamers or for fans of Ernest Cline’s 
Ready Player One.” —Library Journal

“I found myself enjoying the story and Raven’s relationship with the AI that’s her guide in the game, and I was invested throughout. It wasn’t so much a coming-of-age story as a growing into and appreciating one’s own skin . . . I’m really looking forward to how things will play out from here.” —The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

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