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Hi my wonderful readers! If you have any questions or issues, read below to find an answer or shoot me an email. I and my team are eager to help.

- Lydia


Can't find where your ebook download links are?

If you didn't receive an email from BookFunnel (my ebook distribution app) with your download links, it's likely the evil spam monster ate it, and you can always check your spam folder for any email coming from

If you still can't find it or would rather not poke the spam monster and rouse it's ire, you can always get your ebooks from your online BookFunnel library:

Your email address is your login, and you'll be prompted to set up a password. If you purchased the ebook with your PayPal account, your login will be your primary PayPal email address.

Not sure how to read your ebooks?

You can transfer your ebooks to a favorite reading app such as Kindle or Nook, you can download the Bookfunnel app (it works just like the Kindle app) and log in to read them directly from your Bookfunnel library, or you can go read them in a browser window on any device through your online Bookfunnel library at

Or you can always bargain with an ebook pixie to read the ebooks aloud to you, I hear pixies are particularly fond of rum and margaritas. But watch out, never invite them to stay or you'll never get rid of them!

Having trouble downloading your ebooks?

Shoot an email to Jamie on my tech support team at and she will help you troubleshoot so you can start reading asap!

Question about your order or need a refund?

Please email me at and I or my team will get back to you as soon as our feline overlords deign to let us stop petting them so we can type. Obviously, we exist only to fulfill their every whim.

Thank you for your patience and support, we are a small family operation and are so grateful for our wonderful readers (and our cats).

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Want to read a sample before you buy?

Click here to read a sample of the first book in my main series, The Lily Singer Adventures.