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Author Lydia Sherrer

PLUSHIE Sir Kipling - Limited Edition Stuffed Animal

PLUSHIE Sir Kipling - Limited Edition Stuffed Animal

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Sir Edgar Allan Kipling, the magical talking cat extraordinaire we all know and love from the award-winning and bestselling Lily Singer Adventures, is here in the flesh! (or the fluff, anyway).

This custom plushie features Sir Kipling's distinctive markings (white mustache and monocle markings along with his white tuxedo chest, white front paws, and white tail tip), as well as his Dimmu rune-engraved magical ward collar.

Plushie Sir Kipling was lovingly designed by Lydia Sherrer, author of the Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus Universe of books, in partnership with the awesome team over at Makeship, a Canada-based custom plushie company.

Following the wildly successful one-time Makeship campaign where the Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus fan community funded the one-time making of this custom plushie, we have a few spare plushies that are in need of loving forever homes to adopt them.

THIS PLUSHIE WILL NEVER BE MADE AGAIN. The crowdfunding campaign resulted in a total of 984 units ordered and these are the unclaimed units. There might be other Sir Kipling toys/merchandise made in the future, but if you want this custom plushie, this will be the only opportunity to acquire one.

Once this extra supply is claimed he will be gone forever!

If you want to be one of the lucky humans adopted by Sir Edgar Allan Kipling, mash that "buy" button now before the supply is gone to enjoy a lifetime of Sir Kipling staring at you critically from the shelf or "supervising" you as you work at your computer. He might even surprise you with some Cat Magic some day!

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