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Author Lydia Sherrer

EBOOK The Lily Singer Adventures Season 2 Bundle

EBOOK The Lily Singer Adventures Season 2 Bundle

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The next three ebooks (#s 5, 6, and 7) of the Lily Singer Adventures by USA Today bestselling author Lydia Sherrer. Plus you get a bonus ebook, a full-length novel about Sebastian Blackwell's mysterious past!

Full of non-stop magical adventure, snarky humor, and a talking cat who knows all (Really. He does. It's very annoying).

"10 out of 10!…I was immediately hooked! As long as the author keeps writing, I'll keep buying!" - Stephen

"I literally couldn't put this book down. I was up until 4 a.m. finishing it" - Andrea

"Gah! This series has me totally hooked!" - Lola

"More lighthearted than Dresden, more adult than Harry Potter, and starring an introvert librarian!!! I’m in heaven." - Tricia

"Lydia is a masterful story teller...I find myself turning pages faster than I can read." - Theresa

"Fast, fun, and feisty with an endearing heroine…This is an utterly delightful book" - Empressa

"Warning: this book will make you laugh-out-loud..." - Kalamari,

"OMG! Talking cats and wizards…I'm a sucker for talking cats...All I can say is, More, please!" - Amazon Customer


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