EBOOK Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: Allies (The Lily Singer Adventures, Book 3)

EBOOK Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: Allies (The Lily Singer Adventures, Book 3)

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What’s worse than fighting with allies? Fighting without them.

Wizard and archivist Lily Singer wishes life would just leave her alone. But after opening the “Pandora’s box” of her dark family past, larger plots are put into motion and people start getting hurt. From conducting genetic experiments to awakening a wizard of ancient legend, her enemies have no intention of making life easy.

Now Lily must reconcile old grudges, make questionable allies, and bend the law to fix a problem that’s not even her fault. Worse, she’s having inconvenient feelings for her ne’er-do-well witch friend while trying to date an overeager FBI agent. With old and new allies making life complicated, can Lily and her friends work together to save the day? Or will they let their differences divide them as evil runs rampant?

With 300+ five star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads and over 30,000 copies downloaded, this urban fantasy series full of adventure and snarky humor is guaranteed to cause loud snorts of laughter, tea cravings, and sleep loss. Don't start reading at night or you'll never go to bed! Great for fans of urban fantasy from Harry Potter to Harry Dresden. Grab Book 3: Allies, and get ready for a wild adventure.

“Magic, snark, wit and cats: what more can you ask for in a book?” - Kaitlyn, Amazon Customer

“I'm a fan for life! As long as the author keeps writing, I'll keep buying!” - Stephen, paperback reader

“Ms. Sherrer must speak cat because she knows just what a cat thinks. This is so cute and fun to read. It brought a smile to my face and I could not stop laughing.” - Crystal, Amazon Customer

“Read this series! It's one everyone should have in their library!” - Kindle Customer

“The author has clearly lived with many a cat in her lifetime…I laughed (fairly loudly) so many times I lost count.” - Kern, Amazon Customer

“Lots of adventure, danger and hilarity. I am hooked and can’t wait for the next book.” - Brittany, Kindle Customer

“This book was so good that I almost missed a meeting because I was enthralled with the story.” - Kristi, paperback reader

“I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down I read it in one sitting. Kudos to the author. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.” - Tonya, Amazon Customer